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 The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security reports that there are hundreds of bicycle accidents every year within the state, with most of them causing injuries to cyclists and a handful of accidents having fatal consequences.

Not only do bicycle accidents often have tragic results, leaving bicyclists with severe injuries, but they are almost always preventable, and are caused by acts of negligence. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident in Tennessee, our bicycle accident attorneys at the offices of Bednarz Law are here to help you recover your full compensation award.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

The majority of bicycle accidents involve the bicyclist and another motor vehicle, such as a car or truck. However, some accidents are caused when a bicyclist encounters poor weather, when a part of the bike malfunctions, when a dangerous road condition exists, or when the cyclist, through negligence of their own, hits a stationary object.

Those accidents that involve other drivers and their vehicle are commonly caused by:

Losses Suffered by those in Bicycle Crashes

It is easy to understand why injuries and losses to a cyclist involved in a crash would be so severe; cyclists have little to protect them from harm when they are involved in a crash. As such, a bicyclist who is hit by a car may suffer injuries ranging from fractured bones to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to a spinal cord injury to external, superficial injuries like road burn and more. Not only do these injuries clearly have a very immediate effect on the cyclist, leading to instant pain and often requiring emergency medical care, but they can have long-term effects too. A cyclist may be unable to return to work as a result of the extent of their injuries, for example, or may be left with a permanent disability that leaves them unable to ever mount a bike again, or do other things that they love. The fallout can be both economic losses and psychological harm.

Working Hard on Your Behalf

At the offices of Bednarz Law, our experienced Nashville bicycle accident attorneys are committed to getting you the compensation that you deserve. When a bicycle accident is caused by someone else’s fault, whether another driver, the manufacturer of a bicycle, or a party responsible for road maintenance, we gather the evidence necessary to prove fault and negligence. We aggressively negotiate to get you the settlement award that fully compensated you for your injuries, and are always prepared to go to court to fight on your behalf if we need to.

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, or if you are the loved one of someone who was severely harmed or killed in a bike crash, please know that we are here for you. You can schedule a free consultation with us where we will review your case and provide you with sound legal advice by calling us directly, or sending us a message online.