Burn Injuries

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Suffering a burn injury can be one of the most painful and disfiguring injury types, with some burn injury victims requiring long-term care after an accident resulting in a burn occurs. At the offices of Bednarz Law, our Tennessee burn injury attorneys have seen how terrible burns–and the lasting effects of a burn injury–can be, and are passionate about helping those who have been harmed recover compensation for their losses.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be incurred in nearly any accident type, as many different accidents involve or generate heat or friction. For example, a person can suffer road burn when skidding along pavement after being hit by a car while riding a bike or a motorcycle, or a person could be burned in a car accident that results in fire or explosion.

In addition to the multiple different types of motor vehicle accidents that can cause burn injuries, industrial accidents, construction accidents, and accidents in the home (i.e. a candle leading to a home fire) can all cause burn injuries as well.

Types and Degrees of Burns

Burns are classified by type of burn and degree of burn. Types of burn injuries include:

Burns are also classified by degree, which refers to how serious the burn injury is. Degrees of burns include:

Some medical professionals also recognize fourth degree burns, which not only affect all layers of the dermis and subcutaneous tissues, but also burn bones, muscles, and tendons.

You Deserve to Be Compensated

If you have suffered a serious burn injury, you may be facing mounting medical bills, disability, and permanent scarring and disfigurement. Our attorneys want to make sure that you receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve, and our determined burn injury lawyers will work hard for you as such. Please contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can help.