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Hit-and-run accidents are a nasty business. Not only do they leave the victims and their vehicle in terrible shape but also demonstrate irresponsible behavior and lack of basic humanity on part of the fleeing driver. Running away from a scene of a car accident is a crime in many states. So, when a hit-and-run accident happens, the fleeing driver turns an accident into a crime by the act of taking flight.

Defining Hit-And-Run Accidents

While it is understood that a hit-and-run accident entails a driver leaving the scene, the technical definition involves a couple of other important things. A hit-and-run occurs when a driver hits their vehicle into a person walking by, another vehicle, a fixed object on the road, or, in many states across the country, an animal. In case of human victims, they are left with road accident injuries as well as loss to property in many cases.

The nature of a hit-and-run accident makes it complicated and, in most cases, shows extreme negligence on part of the fleeing driver who could not stay to face the wrong they did. It must be noted that, not all accidents may be the driver’s fault. For example, if an animal suddenly comes on to the road and you cannot prevent a collision, this is just an accident and not your doing.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident

What turns an accident into a hit-and-run is when the driver thinks, for one reason or another, that they should not stay at the scene. Then it becomes an outright crime. According to the law in Tennessee, whether the driver was at fault in the accident or not, the act of fleeing makes them a criminal. It shows negligence that could cost the victim more harm than the accident itself.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as if the accident happens in a no-reception area and the driver leaves to find reception before calling the authorities. Nevertheless, in such a case, they should return to the scene of the accident right after making contact with the police.

Depending on the severity of the damages caused, fleeing the scene of the accident can lead the fleeing driver to penalties ranging from tickets to incarceration.

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