Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Motor vehicle accidents are one of the greatest sources of injury to citizens of the United States. While a number of injuries caused in these accidents may be minor and not have a lasting effect on the victim, some injuries can become lifelong disabilities.

It is very frustrating to realize such accidents, caused by another party’s negligence, can cause severe quality-of-life problems for the innocent victim. At Bednarz Law, our doors are always open for you if you have been a victim of an accident.

Types of Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents can be of many types, and knowing about these is important. This knowledge will help you not take the blame on yourself in the confusion caused by a collision.

The most common vehicle accidents include:

Single Car Accidents

As the name suggests, this type of vehicle accident refers to incidents where only one vehicle is involved. Such accidents most commonly happen when the driver loses control of the wheel and the car slides off-road, often colliding with debris, parked vehicles, or trees. The most common reasons for single car accidents are puddles of water or irregular road conditions due to bad weather.

Broadside Collisions

Also called side-impact, or T-bone, collisions, broadside accidents are those where a side of your car takes the hit. Depending on the situation, the damage can be severe to both the car and the people inside. These accidents often occur in parking lots and intersections and account for about a quarter of deaths in vehicle accidents.

Vehicle Rollovers

This type of road accident flips the vehicle due to a sharp impact with another vehicle or object in the road. This kind of accidents can be quite violent and even be life-threatening. Many times the person driving the flipped car is not at fault in a vehicle rollover.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions include the front ends of two vehicles moving in opposite directions crashing into each other. This is the most horrific type of road accidents and is often fatal. These accidents have the highest mortality rate. Even if one’s life is spared, the injuries incurred are often serious and can last for many years to come.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions happen when a vehicle slams into the rear of your car. This happens often in congested traffic, the negligence of the driver in the car behind, due to tailgating, or below-average traction between the road and tires. In any case, the car ahead is always wrongfully hit in the rear.


A hit-and-run vehicle accident is one where a driver hits a walking person or another vehicle and flees the scene while the victim is left deserted on road.

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