Certain Amazon Products Present Fire Hazards

Amazon is so popular that its name is nearly synonymous with online shopping. The company earned $75.5 billion in the first quarter of 2020 alone. Its third-party sellers account for over 4,000 sales a minute. And its owner, Jeff Bezos, is the richest person in the world – worth a staggering $116.7 billion.

Despite its enormous success, the company is not without blemishes on its record. AmazonBasics, the company’s popular channel of private-party products, has been in the limelight due to defective products that present fire hazards to consumers. These dangerous products include USB cords, surge protectors, chargers, and microwaves.

What the Data Says

When CNN conducted a study on the safety of AmazonBasics products, they found more than 1,5000 reviews of over 70 products reporting “products that explode, smoke, melt, catch fire or pose other dangerous risks.” Government regulators have also heard complaints from consumers.

According to the report published in September 2020, consumers often criticize the products as dangerous fire hazards. Many reviews call for Amazon to recall the products.

What Has Amazon Done?

The CNN report claims that 30 items with reviews warning of dangerous hazards are still listed on Amazon, while 11 such products are no longer for sale on the site. Four product pages were pulled from entirely.

Amazon has remained largely silent on the issue but they did verify that at least eight products were under investigation. Ultimately, they deemed those products safe.

Not surprisingly, Amazon is facing mounting criticism for its perceived inaction or insufficient action on these matters. Many people bought these products in part because they trusted the Amazon name on them. What’s more, the company promotes many of these listings with the “Amazon Choice” designation. When buyers suffer injuries due to these harmful products, and their trust in the company is misplaced, government regulators get involved in the matter.

When Defective Products Turn into Lawsuits

When a person is burned or otherwise injured due to a defective product, they should not be liable for their damages. As such, these victims can file a product liability lawsuit to recover financial compensation for medical care, physical rehabilitation, and physical property damage. Victims can also claim non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Already, people who have been injured from defective products they bought on Amazon are filing lawsuits against the company.

One man filed a lawsuit against Amazon after he suffered 2nd-degree burns and throat injuries in a fire stemming from an AmazonBasics USB cord he purchased. Amazon settled the case with the man for an undisclosed amount.

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