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Of all types of motor vehicles on the road today, commercial vehicles are some of the most dangerous based on their size alone. To be sure, some commercial vehicles can weigh 20 times more than that of an average passenger car, and when a crash occurs, this means a significant increase in the amount of force involved. More force means more severe damage to a vehicle, and often times, more serious injuries.

If you are involved in a commercial vehicle accident in Nashville, our attorneys understand the fear and anger you may be feeling. For legal representation that you can count on, contact us for a free consultation today.

Types of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

A commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is designed to carry fare-paying passengers, such as a bus, or carry commercial goods, such as a semi-truck. Commercial vehicle drivers owe a high duty of care to their passengers, and to other drivers on the road. This means that commercial vehicle drivers have an obligation to operate their vehicles with a significant amount of care and caution.

At the firm of Bednarz Law, we have helped clients seek damages after being involved in myriad types of commercial vehicle accidents, including accidents involving:

Why Commercial Vehicle Accidents Are More Complicated

When you are involved in a commercial vehicle accident, it is very important that you act quickly to contact an attorney. This is because the average commercial vehicle accident is more complicated than is a car accident involving two passenger cars. This is due to the fact that:

How Our Nashville Attorneys Help You after a Crash

Our Nashville attorneys are committed to helping you. The first thing that we will do is explain to you your rights and options regarding filing a claim, or filing a lawsuit for damages, and the laws surrounding these actions. This includes a thorough explanation of the statute of limitation applicable to your case. Then, we will open an investigation into your accident, where we gather all types of evidence available, hire accident reconstruction experts, and work with professionals to organize evidence and determine liability.

We will also hire experts who can evaluate the amount of damages you have suffered and determine what your case is worth. From there, we will demand a settlement from the appropriate insurer (perhaps more than one), and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If necessary, we will be prepared to take your case to court.

To begin the process, contact our compassionate Nashville commercial vehicle accident attorneys today. We are here to fight for you.