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People suffer many types of cuts – also called lacerations – to the skin every day. Some cuts are relatively shallow and simply need a bandage and basic at-home first aid. Other lacerations, however, require a trip to the emergency room for treatment. If you suffered a serious laceration and incurred medical expenses and other damages, you should discuss your options for possible compensation with a skilled personal injury attorney in Nashville. Contact us at Bednarz Law for a free consultation right away.

Medical Treatment for Lacerations

Cuts and lacerations can sometimes be wide and/or deep. A gash can cause serious bleeding and is likely to leave a scar, and getting immediate medical attention can help reduce these effects in many cases. The treatment you will receive at the emergency room will depend on the severity and location of your laceration, and treatment may include:

If you suffer a laceration on your head or face, which is common in accidents, medical professionals will likely want to perform additional tests, such as a CT scan. These tests will show whether you fractured your face or skull below the laceration, and can identify whether you suffered a concussion, as well. All in all, emergency care for a serious cut or laceration can be costly.

With serious lacerations, a patient may need more intrusive medical treatment. For example, if you lost a significant amount of blood, you may need a transfusion. Some people have skin grafts and other reconstructive procedures to prevent disfigurement. With the most serious lacerations, a body part may be severed and may need reattachment, if possible.

Common Causes of Lacerations

There are many causes of lacerations that allow victims to seek compensation for their medical bills and other losses. Some common causes include:

Determining the cause of your laceration is critical to know how to proceed from a legal standpoint. Often, laceration victims can file an insurance claim against the party that caused the accident, which could be an auto insurance claim, property insurance claim, or even a workers’ compensation claim.

The insurance process is often more complicated than people imagine. Insurance companies try to avoid payment to injured claimants whenever they can. It is important that you have the right legal representation for your injury claim to ensure a smooth process and full compensation for your losses.

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