Tennessee Injury Attorney Represents Victims of Defective EpiPen

Malfunctioning EpiPens Have Fatal Consequences for those that depend on them.

Those with severe allergies rely on EpiPens in life or death situations. An EpiPen is an auto-injector medical device used to administer epinephrine in the event of a severe allergic reaction, or anaphylaxis. A person would only use an EpiPen in an emergency situation and, unfortunately, would only know it was defective until they needed it.

With so much at stake, it is more than upsetting to hear the FDA has sent a warning letter to the, Mylan, the makers of EpiPens citing serious violations of safe manufacturing practices. FDA investigations revealed reports of defective EpiPens resulting in serious illness or death to the consumer. In fact, Mylan recalled 13 lots, thousands of EpiPens, due to having defects which would render the instrument ineffective.

Companies have a duty to the public to make and distribute safe products. When a company fails to uphold this duty, people are injured, seriously injured, or even fatally injured. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a defective product, get the experienced Nashville personal injury attorneys at Bednarz Law by your side. We aggressively pursue your right to recover full and fair compensation for the injuries you have sustained due to the negligence of big companies and the defective products they have put on the market.

Can I Bring a Defective Products Claim for My Malfunctioning EpiPen?

As stated above, companies owe a duty to consumers to put safe products on the market. This is true for everything, and the potentially life-saving EpiPen is no different. When a company fails to take proper precautions in making sure a product is safe for the public, a defective product is made available, and you are injured or, suffer damages as a result, you may be entitled to bring a defective product, or product liability, claim. Because you suffered losses due to the negligence of the company involved in the designing or manufacturing of a defective product, you may be able to seek compensation for:

With the concerns included in the FDA warning letter sent to the makers of the EpiPen now coming to light, it is important now more than ever that you check you EpiPen to see if it has been recalled. It is also important to know that you have legal rights if you or a loved one needed to use an EpiPen in an emergency situation and, due to a defect in the product, it failed to administer a potentially life-saving dose of epinephrine resulting in serious injury or death. These types of companies need to be held accountable for the harm they cause and you deserve to be properly compensated for your losses.

Experience you can trust to handle your defective EpiPen claim with the utmost of care.

At Bednarz Law, our team of experienced Nashville personal injury lawyers have been fighting for injury victims for over 30 years. We hold big companies accountable for the damage they have caused. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a defective EpiPen, know that we here at Bendarz law are here to fight for you. Contact us today by calling 615-590-7276 or go online