Drive Safe and Earn Rewards

Pursuant to recent comments by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting while operating a motor vehicle is the most significant distraction that a driver can engage in. Moreover, texting while driving significantly increases the chances that a driver will cause an accident that leads to the death or severe bodily injury of another person.

According to statistics from a recent year, distracted driving resulted in a total of 3,166 deaths across the United States. In addition, if this trend continues, 3,000 people or more across the country will die in a given year, simply because of distracted driving while behind the wheel. The saddest part about these alarming statistics is that all of these deaths may have been prevented, had the motor vehicle operator simply put his or her phone down while driving. 

If you or a person you love has been injured in a motor vehicle collision that was caused by a distracted driver, you deserve to recover compensation for everything that you went through – including all of your personal injuries, lost wages, pain, inconvenience, and suffering (both physical and mental). The experienced Nashville car accident lawyers at Bednarz Law are committed to helping clients pursue and recover the monetary compensation that they deserve for the injuries that they suffered because of a negligent and distracted driver.

New App that Rewards Drivers for “Good Driving Behavior”

A new app that monitors driver activity was recently launched on the market by Ryan Frankel, who is based out of New York. The idea for the app started when Frankel was involved in a serious accident while riding his bicycle that was caused by a distracted driver who was using a mobile device just prior to the collision. In the accident, Frankel fractured his elbow and hip and spent a significant amount of time in physical therapy.

After conducting some research and determining that negative approaches were relatively ineffective, he decided to produce an app that would positively reward drivers who operated their vehicles in a non-distracted manner. The app is free and is called This App Saves Lives.

How the App Works

The app does not begin to activate until the phone’s GPS system determines that a vehicle is moving at a speed of ten miles an hour or greater. Once that speed is reached, the app launches and monitors the driver’s use of his or her phone. If no use is detected (other than possibly using a navigation system, listening to music, or answering a hands-free call), the driver is awarded points. However, if the driver uses his or her phone to send an email or search a website, points are subtracted. The user can then redeem the points for rewards from various brands that partner with the app.

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