How do You Determine Fault in a Defective Product Case?

Experienced Nashville product liability attorneys, Bednarz Law protects you when you are injured due to a defective product.

When you buy a new product, such as new furniture for your home, a new car, or toys for your children, you take it for granted the product will work as it is supposed to. Unfortunately, if it is defective, it can end up being dangerous, causing serious and even life threatening injuries. As experienced Nashville product liability attorneys, we can help you hold negligent product designers, manufacturers, and distributors accountable in these situations. The following highlights how common these types of cases are, and how we can help you prove fault in your claim.

The Danger of Defective Products

Products that enter the United States for sale and distribution are required to undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure their safety. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) oversees this process, and is charged with protecting American consumers against defective and dangerous products that could result in injuries or even death.

Unfortunately, despite the CPSC’s established product standards and rigorous oversight, product defects continue to negatively impact the health and safety of consumers, causing serious injuries for thousands each year. When they do, product manufacturers and others involved in the design or distribution process can be held accountable. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), an average of more than $5 million dollars is paid out to individual consumers as the result of these claims each year.

Placing Blame for Defective Products

In determining who is to blame for defective products, there are several key questions to consider:

An example of this is the Takata airbag recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recalled tens of millions of vehicles in which the airbags were installed, due to safety defects that caused the airbags to explode or inflate improperly. While the Takata Corporation is legally liable for damages suffered by consumers who were injured by the product, individual automobile manufacturers can also be held responsible for failing to alert consumers to the dangers and for not taking actions to remedy the situation.

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