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There were 119 reported deaths in Tennessee motorcycle accidents during 2015, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Motorcycle accidents are not as frequent or get the same level of attention as car or truck accidents. But motorcycle accidents are more likely to result in serious injury or death. If you or a family member have been hurt in a motorcycle accident it is imperative you speak with one of our experienced Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers right away.

Tennessee Attorneys Fighting for ATV Accident Victims

Bednarz & Bednarz was heavily involved in the ATV litigation in the 1980s and 1990s which led to the major manufactures entering into a consent decree with the United States government. The decree led to safer vehicles, better training and better warnings.

Personal Injury Attorneys Fighting for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Federal highway safety officials estimate a motorcyclist is 27 times more likely to die than a car driver in an accident. Despite this, motorcycle accident victims and their families often have a tougher time recovering damages from negligent drivers. There is an unfortunate public image of motorcyclists as irresponsible individuals with no regard for safety.

At Bednarz & Bednarz, we know that is not the case. Motorcyclists are more likely than not the victim of aggressive driving by others. Car and truck drivers often do not realize the impact their vehicles have on motorcycles, which are less stable and easily knocked off balance. Car drivers are often in a rush and do not even bother to see if there are motorcycles, which are much smaller vehicles, sharing the road.

Motorcyclists are also at risk due to poorly maintained public roads. A pothole may not affect a car. But it can force a motorcyclist off the road or into a ditch. In some cases, the state or city agency responsible for the road may be liable for a motorcycle accident victim’s injuries.

Motorcyclists Face Special Risks

Motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of the open road. But this freedom comes with additional risks. There are no seat belts or airbags to protect them from a motorcycle accident, which may result in any or all of the following injuries:

Motorcycle accidents also frequently cause “road rash,” which is a colloquial term for abrasions sustained when a motorcyclist slides across an asphalt or concrete road. While some road rash is minor–akin to “rug burn”–in severe cases, there can be total breakage through the skin. This can lead to potentially deadly infections if not treated promptly.

If another driver’s negligence causes a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist may be entitled to recover damages for their past, present, and future medical expenses, as well as loss of income and non-economic damages for their pain and suffering.

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Contacting a Nashville personal injury lawyer is critical as soon as possible following a motorcycle accident. Establishing the negligent driver’s liability is often a difficult task. There may be a substantial amount of evidence from the accident scene. The other driver and their insurance company will also make every effort to blame you, the motorcyclist, for causing your own injuries. You need someone in your corner who has the experience to deal with the insurance companies and, if necessary, fight for you in court.

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