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Protecting the Rights of Clients Who Suffered Blunt Force Trauma Injuries in Nashville

Individuals can sustain a blunt force trauma injury to their eyes, pelvis, abdomen, head, back, and limbs in a serious accident. In fact, in some instances, the trauma that is inflicted on an accident victim can wind up being fatal. If you have suffered a blunt force trauma injury in an accident that occurred because of another person’s negligence, it is important to have a skilled attorney involved in your case as soon as possible.

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How Does an Accident Victim Suffer a Blunt Force Trauma Injury?

Victims of serious accidents can suffer blunt force trauma injuries. In car accidents, for example, the accident victim could strike his or her head or some other body part on the front console, headrest, steering wheel, or window. The blow could bring about serious complications and injuries, such as a traumatic head injury.

An accident victim could also suffer a blunt force trauma injury in a motorcycle or bicycle accident. This is especially true if the accident victim strikes his or her head, back, or limb directly on the ground. These accidents can lead to traumatic head injuries, fractures, and broken bones.

Finally, an accident victim could suffer blunt force trauma in an assault or attack that takes place on someone else’s premises, such as when insufficient or inadequate security is provided by the property owner.

Filing a Claim against the At-Fault Party

After an accident victim receives a traumatic blunt force injury, he or she should seek immediate medical treatment at a doctor’s office or emergency room. The accident victim may then be prescribed follow-up treatment while he or she is there.

Once the accident victim has completed all of his or her treatment, an experienced Nashville blunt force trauma injury lawyer could file a claim with the at-fault person’s insurance company. If the insurance company accepts fault, the adjuster for that insurance company might make an offer to settle the case. Several rounds of negotiating will then occur, and the case may be settled. If the insurance company does not offer favorable monetary compensation to settle the matter – which it should in a case that involves serious injuries – your lawyer could litigate the case by filing suit in the Tennessee state court system.

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