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Helping Workers after Serious Electrical Accidents in Nashville

Of all the possible job-related accidents that can happen, electrical accidents can be some of the most devastating. Coming into contact with electricity can result in a wide range of serious injuries or even fatal electrocution. If you were injured in an electrical accident on the job, you should receive the full workers’ compensation benefits you need for medical bills, disability, and more.

It is important to have the guidance and assistance of an experienced Nashville electrocution lawyer during the claim process. Whether you need help with a claim or need to appeal a denial, contact Bednarz Law today.

People at Risk of Electrical Accidents

Electrocutions can happen anywhere – both at home or at work. That being said, some people are at a higher risk of electrical accidents due to the nature of their jobs. Some jobs that can present a high chance of electrical injuries include:

In addition, anyone who works with industrial machinery or in the vicinity of power lines is at risk for this type of accident.

Common Electrical Injuries

When you come into contact with an electrical current, it can result in many physical problems. Some of the common results from electrical accidents can include:

Most people need medical care immediately following electrocution, and they might be in the hospital for some time. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure your medical bills are covered by workers’ compensation, as well as wage replacement for your time off work.

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Electrical injuries can take a serious toll on your life and your finances. If your injury happened at work, you should fight for the benefits you deserve under Tennessee law. While you are focusing on your physical health, let the Nashville electrocution attorneys at Bednarz Law handle your claim. We have offices conveniently located in Nashville and Hendersonville, so please contact us for your free consultation today.