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The majority of adults have pain in their lower backs at some point. Such pain can be debilitating and can restrict your movement and your ability to work. In many cases, pain occurs because of an acute injury from an accident, and it is important to learn about your rights in this situation.

At Bednarz Law, our Nashville lower back injury lawyers have helped clients who faced the long road to recovery after a back injury. To discuss a possible case for compensation, please contact our firm for free today.

Common Lower Back Injuries

Accidents can result in direct trauma to the lower back, as well as unusual twisting, stretching, or pressure in the lower back. Such trauma can cause one or more of the following conditions:

Lower back pain can be chronic and difficult to live with. Many people need to take medication, attend physical therapy, or even have surgery to correct the problem. Some lower back injuries are persistent and difficult to overcome, and it can impact a person’s quality of life. Lower back injuries can also keep you from working, and you can lose income in addition to your medical bills. It is important to learn whether you have the right to seek compensation for your injury-related losses.

Causes of Lower Back Injuries

Many types of accidents can cause lower back injuries, such as:

If someone else was negligent and caused your accident, they should be responsible for covering your losses. The right law firm can help you file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit to seek the financial recovery you deserve after a lower back injury.

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