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Rear-end collisions are the most common type of car accident in Tennessee. If you have been driving for any length of time, you have probably been the victim of at least one “fender bender.” Usually it happens when you are idle at a stop sign or in traffic and the driver behind you fails to brake in time.

In many cases a rear-end accident happens at low speed and only results in minor damage to the back of your car. But any time there is a sudden impact, you are at risk for serious injuries, notably whiplash. If you are injured, it is important to hold the negligent driver responsible. The attorneys at Bednarz & Bednarz can help.

The Importance of Establishing Fault

Tennessee is a “fault” state with respect to car accidents. This means to recover damages you need to prove the other driver’s negligence was responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. The other driver, in turn, may try and claim you were at least partly at-fault. This is important because Tennessee law requires a court to reduce a personal injury award in proportion to the plaintiff’s “comparative fault”–and the plaintiff my recover nothing if he or she is determined to be at least 50 percent responsible for the accident.

This is why working with an experienced Nashville rear-end car accident attorney is crucial. These cases are won and lost based on establishing fault. And while it is statistically true that the trailing driver is generally responsible for rear-end accidents, you cannot rely on probability in court. Every case involves a unique set of facts. Our attorneys will go over every piece of evidence and make sure you walk into court prepared to prove your case.

Rear-End Accidents and Whiplash

Whiplash is the injury most frequently associated with rear-end accidents. Some people assume, incorrectly, that whiplash is only a risk when the impact occurs at relatively high speeds–i.e., the trailing vehicle slams into the victim’s parked car at 40 miles per hour. In fact, whiplash may occur at any speed.

Whiplash is a serious neck injury. During a rear-end collision, a person’s body suddenly jerks forward. The head does not move in concert, however, causing a sudden and traumatic extension of the neck.

Many people dismiss whiplash as a phantom injury fabricated to win personal injury lawsuits. The reality is quite different. Whiplash often results in soft-tissue injuries that can leave the victim with lifelong neck and back pain. And unlike other kinds of accident-related injuries, such as a broken leg, whiplash symptoms may not be detectable until days or weeks after the fact.

Our attorneys understand this. At Bednarz & Bednarz, we have extensive experience dealing with whiplash, spinal, and soft-tissue injuries. We can help you provide the court with appropriate medical documentation that proves you are not “faking it.”

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Following a rear-end car accident you may not be eager to go to court. But many times these types of personal injury claims can be settled with a defendant’s insurance company. However, you still need a qualified Nashville car accident attorney to represent your interests.

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