Reasons to Get a PI Attorney

Not all accidents require a lawyer. Depending on the seriousness of your accident, whether you sustained injuries, and who is at fault, you may not need a lawyer. For example, if you are in a minor parking lot fender bender and sustained no injuries at all, you probably don’t need legal counsel.

However, you should consider legal representation if:

Still not sure if you need a personal injury attorney for your case? Here are five reasons to get a PI attorney for your case.

1. Insurance Companies Are Not on Your Side

Insurance companies aim to resolve claims with minimum costs. They employ many lawyers who are tasked with minimizing company settlement costs as much as possible. Thus, no matter how nice they appear when you talk to them, it’s important to know they are not on your side.

If the insurance company has lawyers looking out for their best interests, shouldn’t you have someone in your corner who is on your side?

 Adjusters know the right questions to ask to get you to say something they can later use against you. That’s why we recommend that you don’t speak to the insurance companies. With a PI attorney from Bednarz Law on your team, you can refer all correspondence to your attorney.

2. PI Attorneys Know the Full Value of Your Case

Without an attorney, you can be sure that whatever settlement offer you receive from an insurer will be a low-ball offer. However, when you are represented by a personal injury attorney, the insurance company knows you mean business, and they are much more likely to agree to a fair value settlement.

Experienced PI attorneys know the full value of your injuries. Often, they are more extensive than you might think. We’ll factor in your past, current, and expected future injury-related costs as well as lost wages and the potential for reduced earning capacity. We’ll also include non-economic factors such as pain and suffering when tabulating a fair settlement amount.

3. Your Personal Injury Attorney Will Handle All the Details

Taking care of legal matters, such as gathering evidence, providing documents, and getting eyewitness statements requires a lot of time. For those already dealing with an injury on top of other responsibilities, handling a personal injury case can be overwhelming.

Let the skilled attorneys at Bednarz Law help you. We’ll obtain all the evidence, including photographs and interviews with witnesses and experts, and build a solid case to help you obtain as much financial compensation as legally possible for your damages.

4. There is No Fee Unless You Receive Compensation

At Bednarz Law, we understand the financial strain that our clients face as a result of their injuries. We know you may be dealing with extensive costs for medical care and might even be losing income from missed time at work. That’s why we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay any fees unless we obtain financial compensation for your damages.

Get Help from an Experienced PI Attorney in Nashville

Let our skilled Nashville PI Attorneys help you. We’ll do all the legwork for your case and file all the necessary paperwork in compliance with strict regulations. We’ll handle everything so you can direct your focus where it should be – on your recovery. Contact Bednarz Law now for a free case evaluation.