The Benefits of Having a Truck Accident Lawyer

After a truck accident, you may wonder whether you need to hire an attorney. No matter what type of injuries and losses you suffered, it is always worth it to speak with a lawyer about a possible case. Case evaluations are free of charge, so you have nothing to lose by simply making the call. In addition, there are many benefits to have an experienced truck accident law firm on your side.

Determining Liability

In order to know who can be responsible for your injuries and losses, you must identify which parties were negligent or who can be held legally liable for other reasons. For example, if a truck driver caused a crash because they were speeding excessively, the truck driver was negligent. However, the trucking company that employed the driver may also be held strictly liable for the negligence of the driver. This is only one example of how liability for a truck crash can be complicated.

Trucks are complex machines – significantly more complex than passenger cars. The trucking industry also involves a wide range of regulations and requirements that do not apply to non-commercial drivers. For this reason, pinpointing the exact cause of a crash is often difficult and will involve a thorough investigation. Having a lawyer who already understands how the trucking industry works can be highly beneficial, and it can save time and other resources.

Calculating Your Losses

When you think of your losses from your truck accident, you likely first consider the pile of medical bills that you face and the income you lost when you could not go to work. However, if you only consider these losses, you are likely grossly underestimating the value of your claim. A skilled attorney will know how to examine your situation and include all of your losses in your claim, so that you can seek the maximum compensation you deserve. Such losses can include:

Dealing with Insurance Companies and Legal Teams

A truck accident insurance claim is never easy. You can bet the trucking company’s insurance company and legal team will do anything they can to limit your claim. Having an attorney ready to advocate for your rights and the settlement you deserve can make the process go faster and smoother, relieving the stress from you so you can focus on your injuries and recovery.

Contact a Nashville Truck Accident Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

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