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The typical passenger car or minivan is no match for a commercial truck. Truck accidents occur every day in Tennessee due to a variety of factors, including speeding, driver fatigue, improperly loaded cargo, and even drunk driving. When a negligent driver’s actions injure (or kill) innocent people, the victims need to contact an experienced Nashville truck accident attorney who can help them understand their rights under the law.

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An aggressive approach is often necessary in truck accident cases. A simple car accident may involve nothing more than an exchange of contract and insurance information. But commercial trucks are subject to a complex web of ownership and federal regulations.

There may be multiple parties responsible for a truck accident. The driver is not always the negligent party. A semi-truck’s cargo may have been loaded incorrectly or improperly secured. The truck may be loaded past its weight limit. The truck’s owner may not have performed regular safety inspections. The driver may be working too many hours–in violation of federal law. Any number of negligent acts may lead to an innocent person’s injuries.

At Bednarz & Bednarz, we know how to investigate truck accidents. It may take several weeks or months of work to discover the truth behind your accident. This is time and effort you cannot afford on your own, especially if you are recovering from serious injuries and missing time from your own job. Our lawyers will assume the responsibility of making sure the responsible parties are identified and held to account.

Truck Accidents: Statistics and Causes

Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of crashes involving large trucks. In 2019—the most recent year for which finalized data are available—there were 510,000 police-reported large truck accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Of those, nearly 30% were injury crashes and, tragically, about one percent—4,479—were fatal crashes.

When a truck accident occurs, it is important to conduct an investigation to understand why the truck accident happened. The Large Truck Crash Causation Study, conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), found that common causes of large truck accidents include:

Examples of the above causes include things like driving while fatigued or impaired, aggressive driving, speeding, performing illegal maneuvers, taking turns too fast for conditions, vehicle tire or steering defects, and objects in the road, adverse weather conditions, or poor or missing signage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Large Truck Accidents in Tennessee

Clearly, it is important that a thorough investigation take place in order to determine how the crash occurred and who should be held liable. Liability may be shared between two or more parties.

Truck Accident Victims are Entitled to Full Compensation

The force of a truck impact can be catastrophic. Truck accident victims frequently report the following injuries:

In addition, many commercial trucks carry toxic and hazardous materials that may spill upon impact. These dangerous chemicals may ignite and cause third- or fourth-degree burns to innocent victims. And even if the truck itself is not carrying hazardous materials, the force of the impact may cause the gas tank in the victim’s car to explode.

Severe injuries do not heal right away. Many truck accident victims face months, even years, of painful treatment and rehabilitation. And some victims do not survive their injuries, leaving behind families who are both financially and emotionally devastated. At Bednarz & Bednarz, we know how to help these victims obtain full compensation for their losses.

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Nothing can ever undo the damage done by a truck accident. But you can take a positive step to rebuilding your life by contacting a qualified Nashville truck accident lawyer. Our attorneys can vigorously represent your interests and make sure you are not victimized again by the trucking company and its insurance carrier. Call Bednarz & Bednarz today at 615-256-0100 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you.