Car Carrier Accidents

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Car carriers, also known as car trailers or carrier trucks, are the large vehicles that transport passenger cars from distributors to dealerships and between dealerships. Often, they carry multiple cars at once, sometimes carrying as many as 10 cars at once. These vehicles are big, they are powerful, and they can cause motorists to suffer severe and even deadly injuries in collisions.

If you are injured in a collision with a car carrier or another type of commercial vehicle, you may recover monetary compensation for your damages if the collision was not your fault.

Common Types of Car Carrier Accidents

Collisions with car carriers can happen for many of the same reasons that collisions between passenger vehicles happen, like distracted and drunk driving. Other specific risks drivers face when sharing the road with car carriers include:

Understanding Car Carrier Accidents

Car carrier accidents are not the same as car accidents. Because of these vehicles’ size and power, motorists have a higher risk of being severely injured or killed in collisions with them than they are in other types of collision.

Keep in mind that car carriers handle more similarly to tractor trailers than they do to passenger vehicles like your car. They have larger blind spots, they require more space to come to a full stop, and they have to make wider turns than passenger vehicles can make. Always give these vehicles an appropriate amount of following distance to reduce your chance of being involved in a collision with one.

Pursuing Compensation for your Car Carrier Accident Damages

If you were injured in a collision with a car carrier, you have one year from the date of your accident to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Seek medical attention for your injury as soon as you can after the accident, then take your medical bills and all other relevant documents to a personal injury lawyer to discuss pursuing compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. Your claim must demonstrate that the car carrier’s driver was somehow negligent and that because of this negligence, you suffered an injury and the damages for which you are pursuing compensation. Beyond your medical documents, you can use a copy of the official police report, photographs of the accident scene, and eyewitness testimonies to support your claim.

Work with an Experienced Hendersonville Personal Injury Lawyer

After you receive medical attention for your injury, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss pursuing compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim. Contact our team at the office of Bednarz Law today to set up your free case evaluation in our office, during which we can answer any questions you have about moving forward with your claim.