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Representing Clients after Devastating Delivery Truck Crashes in the Nashville Area

Amazon, grocery deliveries, and other online shopping services are highly convenient and only increasing in popularity each year. Each time someone places an order, a package will arrive at their doorstep, usually in a matter of days. These deliveries require large trucks to navigate our neighborhoods on a daily basis, and the constant presence of delivery trucks increases the risks of accidents and injuries.

While delivery trucks are a necessary part of our economy, they also present hazards on our roads, and negligent drivers and companies should be held fully liable for any injuries that they cause. After a serious delivery truck accident in or around Nashville, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer at Bednarz Law as soon as possible.

The Risks of Delivery Trucks

Many different types of trucks make many types of deliveries, such as the following:

Depending on the particular delivery service, the type of vehicle used can vary widely. Some commonly used vehicles for deliveries include:

Semi-trucks – When a company is making a large delivery to a grocery store or another type of business, they often use full-sized tractor-trailers to do the job. Trailers are detachable, and the type of trailer used (e.g., flatbed, tanker, or semi-trailer) will depend on the type of cargo being transported.

Walk-in trucks – A walk-in truck is often used for deliveries, as it allows a driver to fully stand up and walk around inside the trailer. Unlike semi-trucks, these are not articulated vehicles, so maneuvering around turns can be difficult, especially in residential neighborhoods. Because they have to be tall, these trucks have a high risk of rollover accidents.

Box trucks – A box truck is similar to a walk-in truck, but it is often shorter and more square-shaped. However, because the trailer does not detach, it has the same challenges when it comes to maneuvering as a walk-in.

Cargo vans – Some companies – often, flower delivery services – do not need a full-sized truck and use converted vans instead. These vans still have a high center of gravity and a narrow wheelbase, so they commonly roll over.

Liability for Delivery Truck Accidents

Any larger vehicle can cause serious damage and injuries when it collides with a smaller car, bicyclist, or pedestrian. If you suffer injuries, it is important to have a lawyer identify who may be held liable for your medical bills and other losses. Some parties that may be liable include:

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