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Construction projects often require many types of heavy machinery and vehicles. Workers should always be properly trained on how to use this equipment, and the equipment itself should be in safe and working condition. When someone makes a mistake involving a construction vehicle or truck, accidents can happen and people can get seriously hurt.

Injury cases stemming from construction equipment can be highly technical and challenging, and you need a lawyer on your side who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of this type of case. After an accident and injury in the Nashville area, contact Bednarz Law right away for help.

Dangerous Vehicles on Construction Sites

Construction crews have to complete numerous challenging tasks, many of which require the assistance of specialized equipment and machinery. Many vehicles are designed to assist with excavating, moving heavy or bulky materials, demolition, and much more. The following are some of the most common construction vehicles:

Each of these vehicles has its own special controls that move these vehicles in multiple ways. Construction vehicles do not simply move back and forth like regular cars – instead, they have other parts that dig, clamp, load, and more. Because these are complex vehicles, operators require special training to ensure they safely move the vehicles around the construction site. The vehicles should also be properly maintained.

Sometimes, a construction vehicle will malfunction because of an inherent defect. When a manufacturer designs and/or produces a defective piece of machinery, many things can go wrong and severe injuries can result. The manufacturing company should be fully liable for any accidents and injuries stemming from defective equipment and machinery.

Construction Road Accidents

Not all vehicle-related construction accidents happen on isolated construction sites. Often, workers are injured while completing road work. Working on a road site can be dangerous, especially if the road is not completely closed and traffic is still allowed to pass by. Many drivers ignore lowered speed limits and warning signs for construction zones, and workers can easily get hit and seriously injured.

Further, driving a construction truck can also be a dangerous task. These trucks are challenging to maneuver and may roll over or be involved in other types of crashes. Any type of vehicle crash can cause life-altering or life-threatening injuries, and construction workers should always know their rights to compensation for their extensive losses.

Negligent parties should fully compensate injured construction workers for some or all of the following, depending on the situation at hand:

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