Types of Injuries from Motor Vehicle and Slip and Fall Accidents

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While auto accidents and slip and fall accidents may at first appear as though they have nothing in common, both of these accident types can result in serious injuries, and both are often caused by the negligence of another party.

At the law offices of Bednarz Law, our Nashville personal injury attorneys have helped countless clients over the years obtain a recovery award following slip and fall or motor vehicle accidents. Consider the following common injury types, and contact us immediately if you are harmed–

Neck, Back, and Spine Injuries

Car accidents and motor vehicle accidents alike have the potential to cause injury to a victim’s neck, back, or spine. Some of the most common types of injuries to these parts of the body include:

The extent of injury depends upon the angle of impact and the force. The severity of injury may also extent on the individual person. For example, elderly people are more likely to suffer bone fractures than are younger, healthy people.

Head & Traumatic Brain Injuries

While the brain is protected by a tough skull, the brain is still a vulnerable organ. When the head is hit with force as a result of a crash or a fall, is penetrated with an object, or is moved or shaken rapidly, the brain may suffer injury. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can have myriad effects on a victim, and may affect cognition, learning, memory, emotion, sensation, and more.

Injuries to Extremities

The extremities include the body’s arms and legs, which are at risk of a wide range of injury in a crash or a slip and fall. Potential injury types include:

Internal Injuries

Another risk that both car accidents and slip and fall accidents have in common is the chance of an internal injury. If the body’s internal organs are impacted, they may begin to fail, or the victim may suffer internal bleeding that could be fatal. An internal injury could occur as a result of blunt force, or because an organ is punctured by an external object (i.e. a piece of glass) or an internal object (i.e. a broken rib).

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Some of the injury types listed above will heal with time, and a victim will regain full mobility and ability, whereas others will impact the victim for life, and may forever leave them disabled. If you are harmed in a slip and fall accident or a car crash that is caused by the actions of another party, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. Our experienced Nashville injury attorneys at the offices of Bednarz Law will assist you in investigating fault, filing your claim, and proving damages. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation to get started.