1- $13,623,000.00 Jury Verdict – Birth Trauma

Failure of physician and nurse to recognize signs of fetal distress and act in a timely manner after mother was given Pitocin to induce labor. The delay in delivery resulted in permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy. Confidential Settlement with physician. Case went to trial against Hospital. Jury returned a verdict of $13,623,000.00 finding 60% fault upon hospital with 40% fault attributed to physician.

2- $5,183,558.,000 Jury Verdict – Birth Trauma

Failure of labor & delivery nurse to notify physician in a timely manner of findings on fetal heart monitor. The delay in delivery resulted in cerebral palsy.  Case went to trial and resulted in 100% fault on the hospital’s nursing staff.

3- $6,600,000.00 Jury verdict – Post Operative Care

The patient underwent an elective tubal ligation following the delivery of her child.  The case involved the failure to diagnose a perforated bowel and negligent post-operative care which led to severe brain damage.

4- Confidential Settlement – Birth Trauma

Patient was in her third trimester of pregnancy when the ob/gyn and general surgeon agreed to perform an elective cholecystectomy. This operation resulted in brain damage to the baby. A confidential settlement was obtained.

5- $1,740,942.00 Verdict – Negligent Back Surgery

Patient underwent a multi-level fusion and physician using improper instrumentation and technique resulting in significant damage including drop foot.  Case went to trial resulting in a verdict of $1,740,942.00.

6- $1,020,502.00 Verdict – Negligent Back Surgery

Failed multi-level fusion when the orthopedic surgeon used instrumentation improperly, resulting in permanent injury to patient.  Case went to trial resulting in a verdict of $1,020,502.00.

7- $1,625,000.00 Verdict – Negligent Back Surgery

Permanent nerve damage with drop foot to patient after the orthopedic surgeon improperly performed multi-level back surgery resulting in repeated surgeries and pain syndrome.  Case went to trial and resulted in a verdict of $1,625,000.00.

8- Confidential Global Settlement against surgeon involving nine cases. The orthopedic surgeon was improperly used instrumentation and performing improper fusions resulting in significant injuries to his patients.

9- Confidential Settlement – Medication Error

Newborn was given overdose of medication (10 times dosage ordered by physician) at local hospital resulting in death.

10- Confidential Settlement –Failure to do proper pre-operative workup

Patient had a history of low platelet count and clotting disorder, yet no blood work was done before her scheduled surgery. She underwent same day cervical surgery and was sent home. The patient bled internally and died in her sleep.

11- Confidential Settlement – Failure to Notify Patient of Abnormal Lab Results

Patient had a high genetic risk for developing ovarian cancer.  The medical provider failed to properly notify their patient of an abnormal lab result and by the time the patient saw the doctor again for her yearly visit, the patient was at Stage 4 ovarian cancer.  The case went to trial and a confidential settlement was obtained during the trial.

12- Confidential Settlement –Failure to Diagnose

Patient presented to emergency room with complaints of pain and throwing up blood. ER physician admitted the patient to the hospital without first ascertaining where the blood was coming from or whether the bleeding had stopped. Patient bled to death in the hospital before being examined by subsequent doctor.

13- Confidential Settlement –Failure to Diagnose (Minor)

Seven year old boy sustained a concussion while playing pee wee football. He experienced nausea, vomiting and headache and was taken to his pediatrician’s office three separate times. Patient died of a subdural hematoma within several days.

14- Confidential Settlement –Failure to Diagnose (Infant)

Mother takes her Infant to emergency room with classic signs of meningitis. Doctor diagnoses spider bites and sends the family home. Several hours later the baby’s condition worsens and she is rushed back to the hospital but it is too late to save her.

15- Confidential Settlement – Failure to Diagnose

Gentleman injures Achilles tendon at work and undergoes surgery. Days later he presents to both surgeon and primary care physician complaining of shortness of breath and classic signs of pulmonary embolis. He was sent home where he died.

16- Confidential Settlement –Failure to Diagnose

Failure of family physician to diagnose meningitis, resulting in death.

17- $526,000.00 Jury Verdict – Failure to Diagnose

16 year old involved in a minor motor vehicle accident, leaving a bruise from the seatbelt.  Physician fails to do proper testing to reveal lacerated liver, resulting in internal bleeding and death.  Case went to trial and resulted in a verdict of $525,000.00.

18- $4,000,000.000 Jury Verdict – Failure to Diagnose

Failure of radiologist to properly interpret x-ray resulted I partial paralysis to patient.



1- $2,300,000.00 Jury Verdict

Honda Motor Company – Plaintiff, a minor, was severely injured when the all-terrain vehicle he was driving lost control and flipped the trial in this case lasted 5 weeks resulting in a jury verdict of $2,300,000.00.  The jury found that Honda was at fault and that the vehicle was defectively designed and unreasonably dangerous.

2- Confidential Settlement – ATV

Honda Motor Company – Plaintiff, a minor, was severely injured and left quadriplegic when the all-terrain vehicle in which he was a passenger, loss control and hit a tree.  The issues at trial included defective warnings and defective design and crashworthiness.  After a 5 week trial and an appeal this case was settled.

3- Confidential Settlement –Roof Crush, Seat Belt Defect

Ford Motor Company – Plaintiff was severely injured and left quadriplegic after the Ford Mustang rolled over. The issues at trial included roof crush, defective seatbelt and seat design and crashworthiness.  After a 3 week trial, while the jury was deliberating, the case settled.

4- Confidential Settlement –Roof Crush, Seat Belt Defect

General Motors – Plaintiff was severely injured and left a paraplegic after the SUV he was driving rolled over.  After mediation this case settled.

5- Confidential Settlement – Defective Tractor Seat

Gentleman purchased new tractor seat and installed it on his tractor. The first time he used it the metal on the bottom of the seat gave way causing him to fall off of the tractor. He was run over and killed by the bush hog that he was pulling.

Numerous other ATV related settlements totaling millions of dollars against most of the major ATV manufacturers.



1- Confidential Settlement – Bad Faith and Breach of Contract

Life Insurance Company refused to pay on $1,000,000.00 life insurance policy claiming deceased had misrepresented information on application.

2- $3,829,750.00 Verdict – Breach of Contract

Distributer of steel studs defaulted on minimum sales contract.

3- Bednarz & Bednarz recently tried a six week in New York, New York involving the breach of a $70,000,000.00 contract. The case is currently on appeal.

4- Confidential Settlement  – Wrongful Foreclosure

Mortgage Company offered disaster relief to Plaintiff after catastrophic floods hit Tennessee by waiving the obligation to make mortgage payments for 90 days. Sixty days later mortgage company foreclosed anyway and refused to set aside the foreclosure even after mistake was brought to their attention.



1- Confidential Settlement  – Trucking accident/death
A mother and her child were rear ended by a truck driver on Interstate 24, resulting in the mother’s death.  Rear-ended by a tractor trailer was in violation of several federal regulations.  Confidential settlement.

2- Confidential Settlement – Trucking accident /death

Tractor trailer crossed over center line, causing driver to leave road and crash, resulting in death.

3- $500,000.00 Confession of Judgment

Plaintiff was seriously injured when the pick-up truck he was driving was rear-ended by a tractor trailer.

4- $1,000,000.00 Settlement

Plaintiff was rear-ended by a tractor trailer while sitting in traffic. The collisions pushed her vehicle off the road and down a hill into a ditch. Driver required multiple back surgeries for her injuries.

5- $689,379.80 Jury Verdict

Client was seriously injured when rear-ended by cement truck, resulting in occipital neuralgia and permanent headaches. Case went to trial, resulting in jury verdict of $689,379.00.

6- Confidential Settlement – Traumatic Brain Injury

Plaintiff was rear-ended by a dump truck while waiting to make a left hand turn. The accident caused permanent brain injury and prevented Plaintiff from resuming his employment as a welder.

7- Confidential Settlement – Traumatic Brain Injury

Plaintiff was T- boned while on vacation in New Mexico, by a driver that sped through a red light. She sustained a closed head injury and was unable to return to any gainful employment.



1- $3,225,000 Verdict plus confidential settlement  – Assault / Medical Malpractice

Nashville musician/songwriter was assaulted outside of his apartment by a jealous husband and his accomplice. He was taken to the hospital with a head injury. Doctor failed to diagnose a subdural hematoma. A Confidential Settlement was reach with the physician and one of the assailants.  A verdict of $3,225,000.00 was rendered against the remaining defendant.

2- Confidential Settlement – Head Injury by baseball

Resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Client was hit in the head by a baseball while sitting outside the dugout.