What Should You Do if You are the Victim of a Hit & Run in Nashville?

Have you ever been in a traffic accident where someone hit you and left the scene?  Then you have been involved in a hit and run. In Nashville, there is a hit and run unit that specifically investigates leaving-the-scene accidents. When it’s a hit and run, the challenge is identifying the driver who caused the accident but didn’t stop afterward. While it’s the job of law enforcement to investigate a traffic crime, law enforcement may not find the driver who hit you. However, there are some initial steps that you can take after you have been involved in a hit and run to protect your rights. 

Once an accident occurs, you may have suffered serious trauma, such as a head injury.  You may not be in the best mindset to navigate the aftermath of a hit and run. Consider the following steps that can help your situation.

Contacting a civil personal injury attorney as early as possible will benefit you in the long run. An attorney does not get involved in the criminal investigation, but they will get involved with your insurance company. It is best to review your insurance coverage after a hit and run, but don’t stop there. Hand over the reins to an attorney to review your insurance coverage. The best option if the other driver is not located is generally to file a claim with your uninsured motorist coverage, which should also cover hit and runs.

Reach out to a Nashville Car Accident Attorney to Navigate a Hit and Run Accident Claim

Solely undertaking the challenges associated with a hit and run traffic accident may not be in your best interest.  Reach out to a Nashville personal injury attorney at Bednarz Law to help you manage the aftermath of a hit and run traffic accident. The attorneys at Bednarz law provide free consultations, and you can reach us by calling 615-256-0100 or contacting us online. Trust Bednarz law to help you navigate the aftermath of a hit and run.